Saturday, August 29, 2015

Get over your mistakes

This may very well be the shortest and simplest blog post you’ve ever read (maybe), so here we go on my thoughts:

Don’t dwell on your mistakes. Who cares if you’ve screwed up, hasn’t everybody? I know too many people (I’ve fallen in this category) who dwell on their mistakes. You’re going to make mistakes, get over it! Learn from your mistakes and move on. Don’t continue to sit there and think you’ve failed, you only fail if you quit trying. Don’t think that you’ve missed opportunities to change your life, each second, minute, and hour of each day is an opportunity for you to turn it all around. Don’t fear failure, fear stops a lot of people from reaching their real and God given potential. Choose to be happy and choose to feel good. You don’t need a reason to feel happiness, you can feel it at any time simply because you’re alive, simply because you’re a child of God.

Don’t let your sins bring you down. Don’t be ashamed. Shame is a tool of Satan. We all sin in life and fall short of the glory of God. But, this is why we have a Savior. He died for us, He knows us! God doesn’t want you to sit there and have a pity party because you sinned or screwed up. He wants you to fix it and get over it! Guilt is a good feeling, guilt gets us to change. If you need to change, repent and move on. God has promised that as we repent and change He remembers our sins no more, we should too remember our sins no more. You are going to sin in your lifetime don’t be afraid. God loves to be merciful so follow His Son, fix what needs fixing, and move on from your sins.

Life is a gift. What we do with our life is our thank you card back to God. Life is short, life has many challenges. Don’t let your mistakes and shortcomings add to the pile of life stress. Choose happiness. Choose to feel good. Choose to move on. Choose to be healed. Choose to never fail. Choose God, because He always has your back.

Thanks for reading.

God Speed.